Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Hands up if the everyday beating on your hair has left you at the hairstylist's chair!! That's literally where I was a few days ago and I was in legit panic mode. As if the constant sweating and hair products weren't enough for my hair to deal with, about a year ago I moved to Florida where i'm always submerged in chlorine or salty water and I decided to get highlights. My poor, poor hair is at it's worst....EVER! 

So I did some research before just chopping it all off (my hair takes forever to grow and I refuse to let just anyone touch it) and found tons of hair masks. the problem was, they were all so filled with so many ingredients and let's be honest, if i'm gonna have to go "grocery shopping" for my hair, I'm out! But in the midst of it all I found some great reads on coconut oil masks and well, after over looking the damn oil for so long, I figured why not?!

So here's what I did:

This is an overnight hair mask and it requires 1 ingredient and just a few tools:

                  *Comb  |  *Hair wrap  |  Raw Coconut Oil  |  Hair clip

Step by step with added tips:

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly and divide your hair into sections. This is helpful so that you know your giving all the strands enough coconut love.
  2. Apply generously by running your fingers through your hair and massaging it into each section. *TIP: I avoided my roots because from everything I read, if you have an oily scalp it can be a beyotch to get the coconut oil off and may require a few washes. Since it's not my problematic area, I stayed from mid-length to ends.
  3. Continue process two throughout all the sections remembering to apply generoulsy.
  4. Bun it with hair clips and cover it with the hair wrap overnight. (I bought mine at walmart for just $5.99)
  5. First thing you wanna do in the morning is WASH YO HAIR! *Alert: there was a yucky smell from my hair. I don't know if it was just the coconut oil or if it was that combined with my dirty hair, but the shampoo got rid of it (thank God, since I decided to do this Easter Sunday!)
  6. Wash with your normal shampoo/conditioner. *Tip: try to find shampoo that are healthy for your hair and without the nasty chemicals that will cause it to dry out again.
  7. After you shower, comb with a wide-tooth comb and let your hair air dry. *Alert: using a dryer will only defeat the purpose since it naturally dries out your hair.

So when I started all this I thought to myself, well let me do this for a week and see what happens, if nothing changes, I'll chop it. I did this first try and was naive enough to not worry about the results since it was just the first try. I was soooo wrong! My hair literally came back to life! I couldn't believe it, after just one time doing this my hair was so soft and shiny, I couldn't believe it. I was still a little skeptical so I decided to wait a couple of days before writing this entry and now it's been three days and my hair is still so healthy. I've always loved coconut oil, but now I might just name my next child after it....Penelope Coconut Ferreira! (If it's a girl of course! =P )


   - Nat