Nikita Hair Overhaul

You have been cordially invited to the Inger Estate in South Florida alongside 19 fabulous bloggers. That invite brought out so many mixed feelings for me because I have been to previous salon launches where all they did was try to sell their services, but there was one unexpected twist about this was at the Nikita Hair founder, Inger Ellen's home. That was a surprise!

I have never been a fan of salon's because 8 out of 10 of them are just about over priced services and products and the staff is never experienced enough. I have had terrible experiences with salons that couldn't talk the talk let alone walk the walk. I arrived with some reservations regarding my expectations of what the day was truly about, but from the minute I walked in, there was no more guessing...this was gonna be a fun afternoon. 

I was greeted by Inger herself as she let out a bubbly and genuine Welcome. The Nikita staff was also there to greet, mingle and they were so sweet in making sure we had everything we needed. The day started at the home theater where Inger simply blew me away. She shared her story without any reservations and was very real in introducing the core focus of her brand, which is to care.  From creating the best products, to training her staff through an academy, to having a personal relationship with both staff and clients, she makes it her brand's focus to carefully show that she values and cares for it all.

When Inger was a teenager she began her entrepreneurial journey and since then she has lived out the #girlboss title to it's fullest. The salon came about through a relationship that started on the dance floor as she danced to Elton John's...can you guess the song?....Nikita. Throughout the years, the brand has dominated the market through many awards, tv appearances, fashion shows and if all that wasn't enough, next on Inger's to-do list: 43k zip codes a.k.a. the US of A.

You know, if anyone had told me that or if I had read that statement anywhere, I would've shrugged and said, yeah good luck with that, but hearing it from Inger herself, knowing where she stands as a #boss and the core values of her company and drive, all I have to say out! 

As you can see from the video, we had a fabulous time. Seriously, the Nikita Hair crew knows how to throw a get together! From the bubbly arrival to the lunch prepared by Inger's kids to the limo ride and the goodies it was truly a great day, but even with all of that, I was not as blown away as I was by simply hearing Inger's story and vision.  

As a women, we hear over and over how hard it is for us or how caddy the female world can be and yet here is a women who without any hesitations lives to encourage others. She pays attention to a person's littlest details so that she can use it to uplift them. At the luncheon itself she managed to praise a fellow blogger's figure and even took the opportunity to remind someone in her staff of how beautiful she is. Her compassionate soul shines in everything she does, especially when she talks about her family. Becoming a young mother herself, she discovered a nurturing side of her that was so strong that she walked into an orphanage and walked out with multiple children. "Angelina Jolie who?"

What makes her brand even more intriguing is how she brought her compassionate side into it all. One way she does this is by dedicating a portion of every haircut to a foundation who's purpose is to feed hungry children and the other is an unexpected one in today's society...

"My drive comes from my struggles; the employee that has worked for me for over 30 years is the reason why I keep doing this. Her family depends on her job!"

Tell me, when was the last time you heard a boss, owner, founder say that?! So if you were as skeptical as I was about a salon, there is hope! To know that a haircut is not just a haircut, a brand is not just working for it's founder, but for all who are employed, definitely makes pampering yourself a little sweeter.


It's been one week since the luncheon and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn, nibble and mingle alongside such an enthusiastic group of women. I met and have connected with many of the girls throughout this week and even had the opportunity to visit Nikita Hair for some lavishing extensions. Just like at the luncheon, I arrived and was greeted by such a sweet staff and Robert did an amazing job at pampering me. I got extensions for volume as opposed to length and it was a very quick and simple process. Their extensions are put on as pieces and attached with tape. It is easy to care for and it does not bother me one bit. They last for about 6-8 weeks and blend in perfectly with my natural hair. I simply love it!


Eleni & Chris Hydrating Face Mist



Nikita Hair USA is located at 193 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432. This is the first of many to come and services range from haircuts, coloring, styling to manicures and a great one stop show for quality products. Along with the launch of the salon, they are happily bringing along a new line of cosmetic products, Eleni & Chris. Founded by Inger and her daughter. these products are sourced in Scandinavia and contain the country's precious Cloudberry. 

To learn more about Nikita Hair USA, make sure to follow them on Instagram or contact them directly, (561) 362-7102