If you are not living Well,

you’re just not living at all.


After working in the fitness industry for over 6 years…

…I noticed that there is a huge misconception that working out, dieting and fitting into a size 0 is a must and that no matter what you do, how you achieve it, you won’t be happy until you do it. One day, this same idea took a huge toll on me and I’ve since made it a point to live my life well and not according to this misguided idea.

It’s not about how you look, what diet you follow or what type of workout you do, it’s about developing a healthy relationship with yourself and creating a healthy and lasting lifestyle.

Instead of just investing in a workout routine or a diet plan, balance is achieved in investing in your overall wellness…mind, body & soul. Knowing that I am not the only one who has suffered through this misconception, I’ve combined my years of teaching and lecturing with knowledge and passion to deliver a coaching approach to wellness.

Think of me as your gym partner, your lunch date, your in-ear motivator, your shoulder to cry on and above all, your biggest supporter. I can’t wait to meet you and spend some time with you as you embark on your {Live Well} journey.

Does having a Wellness coach interest you? Perhaps you’ve tried it on your own and it only got you so far. Maybe it’s time to take a step in the right direction and get the motivation and support you need to make this a lasting lifestyle for you.


What is a Wellness Coach?

They help their clients find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals.

What are some of the goals a Wellness Coach helps with?

Photo Nov 01, 12 58 59 PM.jpg

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  • lose weight

  • provide guided fitness routines

  • eat better thru meal ideas

  • identify unhealthy patterns

  • change unhealthy habits

  • lower stress

  • prioritize self

  • provide strategies to promote physical and mental health

  • develop a lifestyle that promotes overall well being

    *all goals are based on personal consultations and needs.

Will a Wellness coach diagnose any existing conditions?

No. The purpose of a Wellness coach is to help their clients identify unhealthy habits and choices that prevent the individual from leading a healthy lifestyle. Unlike a nutritionist or psychologist, a wellness coach will not provide a diet plan nor prescribe any medication.

*note that while I will not provide a diet plan, a registered nutritionist is part of my team and will be available based on each client’s needs, however meal ideas and recipes are part of the package.

Why do I need a Wellness Coach?

While every client’s need is different, here are a few examples:

  • need guidance in living a healthier lifestyle

  • want to learn how you can harness your strength, willpower and mindfulness to achieve breakthrough moments

  • have a hard time making decisions that would better your lifestyle, career and relationships

  • don’t know how to properly deal and react to stress and/or stressful situations

  • looking for a healthy way of identifying and controlling emotionally driven reactions

  • aren’t as healthy as you want to be

  • have a hard time following through with wellness commitments

How would I work with You?

The first step in us working together, is recognizing why you need my help. Once you are ready to take the next step, you would email me to make your initial introduction. It helps to refer to the section above in identifying what your needs are. I will then respond within 24hrs with a questionnaire that will help me put together a plan of action and schedule your initial, free of cost, 45 minutes consultation. During your consultation, I will present a plan of action personalized to your needs. Once you decide to move forward, my services will include, but is not limited to:

  • workout plans

  • basic healthy eating plans/recipes

  • strategies that will help you establish a healthy lifestyle

  • strategies to promote: organization, healthy relationships, stress-free environment at home and work

  • a support community from a closed facebook group

  • 15mins - 30mins - 1hour weekly/bi-weekly/monthly FaceTime chats

  • ongoing email access and WhatsApp chats

How long until I see results?

My approach is to get you to be your own coach and so this is the ultimate goal, however getting there depends on each person. “Mastery takes as long as you want it to” and so the length of your coaching journey will be determined by how you respond, participate and execute your daily tasks, homework and strategies. While for some it takes months, others keep an ongoing connection with me as a proactive measure to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have personal questions that are not listed here, what should I do?

Please email me with any questions, even if you are not ready to commit to an initial chat, I will gladly answer any questions or address any concerns you currently have.