resistance band workout

Resistance Bands are a crucial part of my workout routine and while they are "small" they definitely pack a punch. Follow these 8 moves for a killer sesh:

Resistance Band used: Max Resistance 

Make sure to start your workout with a dynamic workout for about 4-7 mins

Move 1:  Squat w/ resistance ( 50 REPS) Make sure to widen your feet enough to stay in alignment and feel the resistance of the band.

Move 2: Demi- Squat side step w/ resistance ( 15 REPS each side) Keep the width of your feet wide throughout the move, stepping to the side without bringing your feet together.

Move 3: Abduction pulses /Hold / Reset (12 REPS each side) 3 controlled pulses with a hold on the third to step down and then reset to change sides. Make sure to keep alignment and not tilt toward the side. 

Move 4: Standing Kickback with resistance (25 REPS each side) Make sure to engage your core to keep you balanced. Keep alignment and don't tilt your chest forward. It's not about the height of the back kick, just the resistance it's creating.

Move 5: Glute Bridge with added resistance on the hold ( 30 REPS) While at the top of the bridge, hold and add more resistance by opening up the knees outward. When bringing the hip down, don't rest it on the mat, instead kiss it and return to bridge.

Move 6: Bridge Hold (30 SECS) When holding, make sure to keep your core engaged and squeeze your bum-bum.

Move 7: Laying Leg Abduction with Resistance ( 24 REPS each side) Make sure to keep alignment by not tilting your body forward or back. You can rest your head on your hand or lay down and rest your head on your arm.

Move 8: Crunch hold with laying Abduction ( 12 REPS) While laying make sure to keep your shoulders off the ground and engage the core to keep your legs up. While your legs are up, push them out, both at the same time to use the engage the resistance. 

Repeat Moves 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 


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