hiit workout

Warm-up: 10 min run

Move 1: Jump squat 3 sets/15 reps

Move 2: Forward lunge 4 sets/ 20 reps

Move 3: Skaters 4 sets/16 reps (8 each side

Move 4: "Push off" side lunge 3 sets/ 12 reps (each side)

Move 5: Plank to side crunch 2 sets/ 25 reps

Move 6: Plank to toe taps 3 sets/16 reps (alternating sides)

Hope you enjoyed it, make sure to comment below what kind of workouts you wanna see and stay tuned here and on my Instagram (@nathalia.ferr) for the next one coming soon.

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video by: RNDR Media

Leggings: Zumba

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