Bodyweight beach workout

Here are 4 simple (but don't let the simplicity fool you) moves that you can do anywhere and anytime. Do them each as below taking a 30sec-1min break and starting it again for 3 rounds. Ready:

Make sure to do a dynamic warm up for about 4-7mins

Move 1: plank with toe tap to the side. *20 each side / total 40 ( as you go into rounds 2 & 3, slow down the taps and concentrate more on that core engagement)

Move 2: plank to squat *25 reps

Move 3: Triceps-dips with single leg extensions. *10 each leg / total of 20.

Move 4: toe tap in a C-Curve ( notice the difference between a C and V seated position! In a C-curve the back is safely rounded, think belly button to spine) *20 toe taps each side

Repeat it for 2 or 3 rounds as desired and don't forget to stretch after ward!

Nathalia FerreiraComment