whats in my gym bag?

Hello September!! I'm rounding up my FAVORITE essentials for every fitness junkie. These are not just recommendations but essentials that I adore and that I personally own and have tested out. Although some products are sponsored, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anything other than my personal experience.

The most efficient Fitness Bag you'll ever buy:

If you are like me, your fitness bag is your EVERYDAY bag, and so it needs to be as efficient as possible. Well I have found it: the Infinity bag by Go Dash Dot. 

Photos via Go Dash Dot $198.00


-Laptop Compartment  -washable laundry pouch -snap on snap off pouch -water bottle holder -mat or sneaker compartment.

Where has this bag been my whole fitness life? The Infinity is an investment bag that will outlast your gym trips and everyday use. 


The most Perfect Bar to snack on:

Hands up of you are always hunting for the best protein snacks! I know I do and I am so happy I finally found the perfect bar that I can put in my gym bag and munch on Pre/Post workout as well as a substitute for when I have those sweet cravings. 


Photos via Perfect Bar Instagram 

-12 different flavors -each bar has between 8-17G protein -Non GMO -complex carbs -20 super foods -gluten free - Kosher

One of the best features of this bar is that they are meant to be refrigerated and so the consistency of every bar is perfection. You can eat it chilled or room temp, so it's perf to keep in your bag for that healthy day snack.


The Ideal BCAA:

It's not just about the grind, it's about the investment onto your muscles as well. BCAA is  the colored drink you see everybody drinking at the gym and if you haven't gotten yourself one, you definitely should! It's about muscle recovery, building lean muscles and in the case of IdealFit's, even burning fat.

IdealLean BCAA features:

Photos via instagram & IdealFit

- 0 Fat / Sugar / Carbs   - 5,000 mg High-Quality BCAAs in 2:1:1 Ratio   - 2,000 mg of added Amino Acids for extra recovery    - Refreshing Flavors    - IdealLean Fat-Loss Blend    - Improved Hydration with Coconut Powder

With various flavors (strawberry lemonade being my favorite) you'll def find your fav as well!


The right case to Guard your phone:

Photos via Bodyguardz Instagram

Hands up if you have been in this situation: at the gym, plug in your headphone, select your favorite playlist, places phone in your....Crap! Your leggings doesn't have a pocket!!! The phone then ends up in your bra, held by the legging waist band (which doesn't hold up so you have to go fishing down your pants for it. The struggle is real, especially because there is no way you are placing your phone on the floor where only God knows what's on it. That's where my relationship started with the new Trainr Pro case by Bodyguardz.

Trainr Pro case features:

- durable clear back    - battle-ready composite padding    - removable arm band    - sleek low-profile design

Available for IPhones (and yes they already announced cases for IPhone 8 and X) and Samsung.


A refreshing dose of clean:

Post Workout I feel so proud to be a sweaty mess, but I cannot stand walking out of the gym with it all over my face. I was introduced to the GinZing™ Cleanser through Influenster and have been hooked ever since. With ingredients like natural jojoba and carnauba wax to help exfoliate and leave my skin feeling and looking so refreshed. If that wasn't enough they infuse it with radiance-boosting Panax Ginseng and energizing Coffee Beans. Seriously! It also smells good enough to eat, thanks to the uplifting aromas of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint. 

Photos via Origins instagram

Along with these items, I always carry:

-Make-up remover wipes    -Hand sanitizer    -Gym towel    -Extra hair ties    -Extra undies    -Deodorant

Is there anything in your gym bag that is a must and you don't see in mine? Have you seen a recent product you want me to test out or maybe you have a favorite that should be on this list?! Comment below and let me know.

Hope you guys have a fabulous-fit month ahead and make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and explore what else the blog has to offer.



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