High Intensity Resistance Band Workout

{MISSION: HEALTHY HOLIDAYS} Who’s ready for the Holidays? 🙅🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Not me! 
Ok if you follow along in my stories, I started my {Healthy Holidays} tips today and as promised, here’s one of them:
No EXCUSES to stay active during the crazy/busy season just because you don’t have time for the gym! It’s not just a workout, it’s not just a diet, it’s not just a way of thinking...it’s a lifestyle so I there is no room for excuses! 
Here’s a #sweatsesh that you can do any where and any time. The only thing you need is space and a resistance band (I recommend having different levels of resistance to switch up as you change muscle focus )

This is a TOTAL BODY circuit you can complete by following these guidelines:
✨360o Jump squat - 1min. (Stay forward if you get dizzy 😵)
✨Squat Jack w/ Resistance -1min ( try not to lose the resistance as you come up)
✨Ski jumps -1 min (make sure to shift side to side in each landing)
✨Resistance shuffle w/ squat jump - 8 total (as you shuffle keep feet apart enough to feel resistance and same as you jump)
✨Lunge to single knee lift (Plyo style) 12 each side ✨Wall squat abduction w/ resistance - to fatigue (keep joints stacked and keep weight in heels not on back/wall)
✨ Single arm resistance row -16 each side (make sure to use medium to heavy resistance here and keep your neck/spine aligned)
✨Arm abduction with resistance -24 (keep mini band around wrists and engage your core for balance)

This circuit should be done 2-3x and the only break should be in between sets to put on/take off band (not exceeding 30secs). This sweat sesh will get your heart pumpin and your muscles begging for Mercy! •
Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned to stories/ posts for more workouts and tips and sign up for my newsletter (link in bio) to be the first to read my upcoming Healthy Holidays articles. 

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