lower body gym workout

Here’s a little taste of my lower body workout from today, we start with activation and go all the way through a killer finisher and even a little unexpected cameo! 😂

Activation phase - 
cross over step ups 3 x 12-18 each side
Treadmill side skip 3 x 30 sec (walking 30 sec in between each set)
Kettlebell straight leg deadlift to squat 3 x 18-24
Elevated Hamstring curl with dumbbell 3 x 8-12
Seated Abduction 4 x 20 (30 sec in between)
Seated Abduction Pumps (lighter weight) begin this immediately after each seated abduction rep. (Pump for 15-30secs) 
To complete this workout I also did :
Goblet squats and weighted lunges...these were my favorite so I recorded! 
Special shout for that unexpected video bomb at the end @paul_ferr 😂