How to do Plyometrics the right way!


Do you tend to skip Plyometrics because they are painful? Maybe you overlook them because you have no idea how to properly perform them?   :::insert superhero theme song here::: I'm here to help! Let's talk about how to do Plyometrics the right way...

Ok let's make this quick and absolutely pain-LESS, yes?! First of all, what are plyometric moves?

PLY*O*METRICS: also known as jump training, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength) 

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get into the nitty-gritty when it comes to Plyometrics. Most people tend to hate i because at some point or another they have tried it and perhaps felt some sord of pain or worse, they look at it and assume it's gonna hurt. Well it's not supposed to...not at all...soreness yess, pain NO! Here's why:

Plyometrics when done properly they build up the muscles around you joints which means it takes the work away from, let's say your knee, and puts it toward the muscles around it. Now there are three factors to consider here:

1. Invest in proper sneakers! I've seen people doing Plyos without any sneakers or in dance sneakers, to them I say good luck with your joints! The cushion on the right pair of sneakers will absorb some of the impact and help you take some  of the harshness away from the joints, which leads me to...

2. Land softly, as if you were landing on raw eggs while trying not to break them. It's this simple, if you "stick your landing" you are putting such harsh force toward your joints and the bottom of your feet that they can't help but scream at you. Your joints need as much help from you as possible when it comes to shock absorbance, so as you land, don't throw your body weight toward that landing, but instead contract all you muscles, recruit your core for balance and land with form and alignment in a way that you...

3. Don't lock you knees! I can't say this enough!!! I see people standing as they land with locked knees and even a hyperextended lower back (that famous junk in the trunk move women are used to). This is terrible for your joints as it is, but when you are jumping and locking into that movement you are putting way too much shock into your joints and there is no way any other part of your body can help in absorbance. 

Does that make sense? I sure hope so, because it is THAT simple. No let's recap:

1. Proper footwear   2.Land softly    3.Don't lock your knees

Here's a bonus: Take care of your joints! Ice it to prevent and no just as a remedy to pain. Ice helps with inflammation and when working out our joints are consistently under the grasp of inflammation, so don't wait be proactive! Lastly fuel your joints with can get this from egg whites, powdered collagen, gelatin, bone broth or fish.

Now go have some fun and check out these Plyo Infused moves for an anywhere you are kinda workout! Click Here!!