Women's Best For Real review

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I know that like me, you have seen 100000 girls on IG sporting one of their shakers or making a cute recipe with their protein powder, am I right? Ok so now that we are on the same page, let me teeeell you somethin’ (read that again, but with attitude, go ahead I’ll wait!)

So after seeing these everywhere I wanted to try it out and so:


Grabs laptop…logs in…goes to site…orders $120 worth of sh*t…waits for shipping from freakin’ Austria…shipment gets delayed in customs…checks  mail every freakin’ day…8 days later…grabs, opens, tastes eeer’thang!


Ok let me be a little more specific as to what I ordered: 1 pair of leggings, 2 protein chips, 2 trays of protein bites, 2 protein cookies, creatine, BCAA and vanilla protein powder. (hurts to even write it… so much monaaay) Let’s get somethings out of the way as they were pure curiosity purchases, the protein bites were divine, the chips I seriously licked the package, the cookies tasted ok but left a soap after taste, barf! I LOVED the leggings and I actually wear them quite a bit!! :) Now for the “good” stuff.


I drink BCAA and protein shakes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (BCAA’s not on Sundays though) and so I was so excited to try these especially since every IG girl raves about them and if they do, it has to be good, right? *insert buzzer sound heeeere! WRONG!*

Now let me be honest here and say that this is not a scientific post to debunk validity, I’m sure for some these work great, but for me it was a horrific experience, wah!

At first taste, the BCAA has a terrible after taste and after every sip I dreaded the next even more, but kept drinking it cause you know, I’m not gonna whimp out cause of taste! But then 15 mins after I started drinking it, I had such intense stomach cramps I had to stop working out, sit down and breeeeath. I was like, WTF! Whatever I went home and thought maybe I had eaten something I shouldn’t, but then the next day…CRAMP! Fudge dude, are you serious! I then started suspecting the BCAA and so I tried it one more day, same thing and the next day without, no cramps! What the actual FUDGE! That was the last time I drank it…RIP WB’s BCAA!

I thought ok, no worries, let’s try the protein shake! It was sooo yummy, I wanted to drink another cup even :::sighs::: until about 20 mins later: bloating, pain, nausea! Cooome oooon! I was pissed off to say the least, but tried it again 2 days later, same freakin’ thing. RIP Protein Shake!

Moved on to the creatine…and let me save you some time…I felt absolutely NOTHING! Had someone else try it…same verdict! We both tried it a couple of times and *insert raspberry sound here* ZIPPO! And no, I’m not broken, I tried 2 different brands since and trust me…it freakin’ worked!


Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.11.08 PM.png

So, what’s my point? Oh yeah…don’t buy it because it’s all pink and don’t believe the freakin’ hype. No, but seriously, unfortunately nowadays you don’t know what’s real and what’s #sponsored, so the bottom line here is that you have to be open to having a huge #fail on your hands if you rely on just any ol’ influencer”. Do your research on who they are, why they are promoting it and if it’s legit. A few months ago I vowed to you guys that I would never display anything that bought my opinion or that I didn’t personally use. My opinion has value because it is heard by you, my #fitgang and our community means a lot to me. So while it might work for some, this was my personal, UNBIASED, and absolutely #notsponsored experience.

Will I continue to try out new stuff, abso-freakin-lutely! However, this is a perfect example of how marketing sometimes does not measure up to quality, IG followers and influencers can’t replace personal experience.


So be wise and do the research and even if you choose to buy it cause you want to put it to the test like I did, listen to your body and don’t just go with the flow!

Let me know if you’ve tried it or if this has helped you in any way,


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