Healthy Snackin' at CVS

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Let's talk snacks, cause if you are anything like me, when you are out and about you just can’t help but get a case of the munchies!

Since i've been sharing with you guys how i've changed my eating habits, I've had many people say the hardest part of changing their habits is snacking or even finding healthy snack alternatives. So I #partnered up with #CVS to show you guys how a trip to your local @cvspharmacy can be the alternative you need when you are on the go or even when you are prepping for a road trip.

To break it down, it's as simple as :

  • looking for the naturals like nuts

  • the "no added" or "no sugar" treats like the raw protein bars.

  • Instead of chips, why not grab a bag of Kale chips or Chick pea puffs...these are my favorites.

  • top it off, by saying No to sugary drinks and instead check out a flavored no calories or sugar flavored seltzer.

  • For the sweet tooth in you, try something like chocolate oatmeal bites or my FAV the freeze dried mangos.

These are simple alternatives and conveniently near you, so no excuses, no post-regrets, just wise choices for healthier eating habits. #sponsored


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