10 tips to stay Healthy during the holiday season


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So who’s ready to kick this season in the 🍑 and stay healthy in the process! Health is not just about working out, it’s an overall lifestyle that focuses on mind , body and soul.

Below are 10 tips that will help you stay committed to your lifestyle goals (enough that they’ll call you a true #GOALDIGGER), stress free and mentally stable.💆🏻

  1. Plan ahead:

✨Make lists for when you go out, this prevents you from having to stay longer in overcrowded stores during busy season. (and over spending at Target…just kidding, nothing can spare you from the $3 spot….NOTHING!)

✨Avoid busy hours if possible. As we get closer to the Holiday itself the stores will be busier and busier, but busiest times are after school and work (typically between 4-8pm). Places like Target open earlier during the season, so if crowds stress you out, you might benefit from stopping by before work instead of after. Early hours during the weekends tend to be slower as well!

✨Buy as you go. Instead of waiting to buy your presents and food (expect for those you need extra fresh) all at once try spreading your lists throughout the coming weeks or buy ahead on amazon or other online retailers.

2. Avoid Overeating:

✨Focus on fun and not food! Although we associate food with the holidays, we can shift our focus to perhaps making memories, spending time with family (now this is a fine line I know 🤣), family photos, etc. By taking the focus out of food, we don’t feel pressured to eat it all.

✨Go light on the gravy, dressings and sauces. Save your calories for where they count! (BTW dressings tend to have a lot of sugar and added ingredients. Stick to olive oil, vinegar or lemon for a healthier alternative.)

✨Pick your indulgence. While you don’t want to eat everything, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat anything! Choose what you want to eat and focus on portions. There is nothing wrong with a few bites of apple pie, let’s maybe just skip the ice cream or choose a frozen yogurt instead.

✨Control your portions! For most things, use your fist as a measuring tool for staying within controlled portions. Remember your goals…your health doesn’t take days off and so you shouldn’t use the holidays as an excuse to over indulge. It also doesn’t mean you have to sit with a lettuce wedge salad. Eat, be happy, but most definitely be conscious.

3. Avoid eating/drinking Junk.

✨Consider looking up recipes for healthier alternatives. Perhaps substitute white rice for cauliflower rice, baked potatoes instead of french fries, honey and cinnamon apple slices instead of a crusted apple pie.

✨Sub out your sugary sodas (especially those “ZERO” or “DIET sodas) that have GMOs and sweeteners for fruit infused sparkling water.

4. Stay active.

✨Schedule might be tight, to do lists may be long, but even just 20mins of being active is better than nothing. Find workouts you could do at home with bodyweight, resistance bands, things around the house. (and no canned goods should never be used as “dumbbells” 🤣) Click here for my available workouts that you can try anywhere you are.

✨Make “active” choices, like parking a little further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Little choices throughout the day add up, especially if due to schedule, you might not get your workout in.

5. Rest.

✨Sleeping is how your body recharges, how you help your brain retain information, how you relax your muscles and give your joints a break, so make sure you are sleeping well and enough at night.

✨Power naps go a long way. Ideally you should take one between 1-4pm and for just 10 to 30 mins. This is a natural way to boost energy and recharge for a few more hours of being on the go.

✨If you are at work during this time, try to take a break during that time frame that is focused on you relaxing. That means no phone, no work, no social media, nothing that can stimulate the brain. Putting your feet up and lowering your upper body to a 90o angle will relax the joints, take the pressure away from the spine and will induce a state of calm.

✨ Watch for your caffeine intake. While a cup of coffee might not be an issue, multiple cups or food with caffeine can add up and affect your sleep at night. (Ps: watch for your sugary drinks and intake, they might give you a kick, but it will def leave you in terrible slump.)

6. Control the booze.

✨If you are going to have alcohol this holiday season, control your intake. Pace yourself, have a cup of water in between each drink, and obviously never drive if you feel the slightest tipsy.

✨ Choose those liquid calories wisely: 1 glass of white wine/champs has 89 calories, while a single shot of vodka has 55 cal.

✨Are you more of a cocktail person? Pay even closer attention, drink mixes have artificial flavors, food coloring and don’t get me started on the sugar in those. No biggie, ask the bar tender to use real fruit or real lime/lemon.

7. Ignore the crazies.

✨While you can’t avoid them during the holidays, you don’t have to waste your energy on them. If you see someone acting funky, go the other way, someone being rude in line, switch lines, you get the point. Protecting your energy during a time that can be perceived as stressful, is exactly what keeps you on the opposite side of stress.

✨Pick your battles and a parking spot is not worth one. People will find any and every excuse to overreact when they are stressed and during this time of year, even depressed. So be smart and know that just because that’s how they choose to act, doesn’t mean you need to have a greater or equal reaction.

8. Be realistic.

✨As much as you “are” wonder woman (or maybe superman), IRL you’re really not, so be realistic with yourself and be ok with not doing it all, buying it all, cooking it all! Your family will love you for what you can do and not the stressed out version of you who puts unnecessary pressure into the negatives you didn’t accomplish.

✨Believe it or not, the sun will rise tomorrow and life will go on even if you don’t make 30 cookies, 5 pies, 3 different types of potatoes, etc, etc, etc!

9. Make time for YOU!

✨No amount of things to do, food to cook, presents to buy is worth more than taking care of you. This season can take a huge toll on our sanity if we don’t take time to breathe and recharge. It’s the season of giving and that means giving a lot of your energy and self for others and to others, but you can’t serve from an empty tray so be proactive and don’t wait until you feel drained or worse, create drama because of stress.

✨Taking a few hours for yourself is not selfish, it’s SELF CARE! Getting a manicure, your hair done, a massage or even catching a bite or a movie on your own are great ways to invest in yourself. If you don’t have that much time, a few minutes in the car doing simple breathing exercises and collecting your thoughts and energy will recharge you enough to kick stress away.

✨Ask for help if you need to take a break and pull yourself together. Don’t expect your significant other to guess what you need, be vocal and ask for help in the kitchen, with the kids, with your to dos. This goes back to being realistic, but also helps you find time to take care of yourself.

10. Find your focus.

✨What we focus on we bring about, it’s that simple. So if you decide to focus on on stress, you’ll get more stress. If you focus on not having enough time, you’ll find yourself caught in back to back situations that consume your time. So before the real craziness starts, take a moment and decide what this season means to you and what you’ll focus on. Any time you feel yourself slipping into stress or holiday blues, remember your meaning and focus on it!


Be mindful of what you see on social media. Not every perfectly wrapped gift, gorgeously decorated tree, even happy “all smiles” family photos are as perfect as they seem and comparing your “messy” or hectic schedule, life and family to it is just unproductive and can take a huge toll on your mental health, relationships and self esteem. Take it from someone who used to “stage” a perfect photo just so that it would fit social norms, behind the camera there is always a pile of week long laundry, a complaining child, a sink full of dishes…get the point? Life is messy and at times chaotic, but that’s life! So keep your head up and remember that all that matters is that you do what makes you happy and remember to find joy in the season and focus on your meaning!

Happy Holidays and let’s get healthy AF!


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