Motherhood didn't change me, It made ME.


How many times have you heard someone say, "Oh! Motherhood changed me!" ? Yup! We all have, but for me it was more like it didn't just change me, it MADE ME. Well I wanna share how it all happened for me...  but for this I have to go back to my pregnancy.

For the first trimester, I did not gain a single pound, soooo I literally thought to myself, Ha this eating for two thing is AH-mazing 🙅🏻 !! Little did I know that it would all change during the second trimester, where I gained 50lbs and then another 15 during the last one. Fudge! I gained 65lbs during it all.



I was so happy though because I promised myself I would be selfless during this moment in my life. After giving birth and breast feeding I lost just 12lbs in the first 2 months and then it STOPPED! Like, literally just stopped! There I was, 5 months after giving birth and  I still weighed 43lbs above my normal weight. I went into panic mode! 

You see i'm naturally petite due to genetics and an active dance background, but I had never stepped into a gym in my life. Like...EVER! I didn't want to dance because I didn't fit into leggings properly and this is when my confidence took a toll. Fudge! What do I do now? 

After months of debating and feeling sorry for myself, I finally joined a gym and embarked in what has now become the greatest thing that could've happened to me.  Here's what the first 90 days looked like:

  • 6 days of Zumba® 
  • occasional Step and bootcamp classes
  • 45 minutes on a bike (and hated every minute of it)
  • End result: 35lbs lost in just 3 months.

The last few pounds melted away in just 4 weeks as I kept this new found life going. I couldn't believe that I was actually hooked to working out!! Me! The same girl who made fun of gym rats, became one!


Fast forward 8 years later, 1 Fitness studio ownership, multiple gym memberships, various fitness certifications, many miles traveled for instructor trainings, crazy career as a fitness education specialist, a new found master trainer career and now a fitness dedicated social lifestyle... I look back at where it all began and I can't help but be proud. Why? 

It's as simple as this: Determination! When I was struggling with the weight I gained, many kept saying, "just accept it and you'll be ok" or " Your a mom now nothing else matters" or my favorite "Forget about yourself, everything is about the baby now!" What the literal Fudge!?!

How can we as women, say that to one another? Listen! I wasn't trying to pull a Kylie Jenner and show off a tiny waist within 3 weeks...okay...I just wanted to feel good about who I saw in the mirror and I wanted to feel healthy from the inside out and that was far from what I felt. When it comes to motherhood I learned that it is NOT all about the baby.... IT CAN'T BE! That stinking little thing needed you before and needs you more than ever now, so If you feel like 💩, how can you expect yourself to give anything else to that little being?

Those advices nearly cost me my self esteem and I'm glad I pulled through it, that my husband encouraged me to find the happy me again (without any judgements or condescending remark) and that within myself I found the strength to get back my sense of self. Motherhood didn't change me...Motherhood literally catapulted me toward who I am today! Once I saw the results, once I felt my confidence reach new heights, saw my body breaking through, I vowed to keep working on myself constantly. I haven't regretted that decision, not even once.


So ladies, stop self neglecting because of motherhood. It's not an excuse to give up on yourself, but instead a force to propel you to DO more for yourself. Invest in self love, invest in a girl gang that will have your back, invest in your well being and always invest in what makes you feel YOU! Before we are a mother, before we are wives, WE ARE WOMAN and as such we need our "sexier than a mermaid - more magical than a unicorn - hotter than a Starbucks latte - move over Kim Kardashian" moments. All we need to do is make sure we are investing in what gets us there!

So to all the Sassy,  Hot Mamas out there, Happy Mother's day! Wherever you find yourself in your motherhood journey, know that as important as those stinkers are, SO. ARE. YOU!