Gift Guide for the FITNESS JUNKIE


The Holidays are here and if you are looking around for your favorite fitness junkie and they are nowhere to be found because, well they're at the gym...then this guide is for you 👆!!

Here's a list that I put together of a few things that as a fitness junkie, I cannot live without and the "junkie" in your life, shouldn't either.


Gift #2:

A stylish Tracker from Garmin

This tracker isn't just any tracker, OH NO! It's THE tracker any fitness junkie would love to own. The Vivomove HR is more than an activity tracker, it monitors your heart rate 24/7, it tracks your stress level and sets a relaxation timer, includes fitness monitoring by displaying steps, calories, distance, heart rate and intensity minutes. It also has smart features like auto uploads, smart notifications, music controls and more. On top of that, can we talk about this gorgeous design! 🙌


Gift #4:

A Trimmed SWEATY waist by Sweet Sweat

Talk to any fitness junkie and they'll tell you that this is a SWEET gift. (see what I did there 😉)  This waist trimmer increases sweat and heat production during exercise, the goal is to get rid of the surplus of water that the body tends to store in the stomach region. When the body gets rid of surplus water, you lose the water weight and it contributes toward your weight loss goal


Gift #6:

Mistletoe perfect Lips by

Let's be real, it's not just about the body! What good is it to have a killer bod and dry lips? This Peptides and Green Tea Extract lip mask soothes and deliver protective antioxidants to keep the lips hydrated. This little container has 24 patches, which should keep their lips kissable for some time!


Gift #8:

Every fitness junkie works out hard at the gym or at home. This little box has 3 mini loop bands that can deliver a punch when working out at home or activating at the gym. With three different resistance levels to choose from, these bands will deliver every single workout.


Gift #10:

A DASHing bag by Go Dash Dot 

When I tell you that this bag is the ONLY bag you'll ever need, I'm not joking. The Infinity bag by Go Dash Dot is the most versatile and thought out bag I have ever come across. With an infinite amount of pockets for your personal belongings, a water bottle holder, a laptop compartment and let's not forget the sneaker/mat pocket, this bag will have the junkie in your life loving you until next Christmas.


Gift # 1:

FAB Workout clothes from Fabletics

Instead of spending hours at the mall or at a store second guessing the quality of the workout clothes they'll enjoy, take my word and grab a glass of wine and head on over to Fabletics where you simply CANNOT. GO. WRONG. (and if you think quality isn't the most important, please take in consideration the deadlifts and squats your favorite junkie will be doing...mmmhhmmm...see-through leggings are not on their list this christmas!)


Gift #3:

His & Hers silicone rings by Enso rings

Have a "fitness junkie" couple in your life or maybe your one of the halves...(the better half), then here's a his & hers gift that will last through those harsh dumbell workouts. Now you don't have to leave the wedding bands at home to protect them, you can simply swap them out for these cute silicone bands and leave the worry at home instead.

This gift is not just for the fitness enthusiasts, but a cute gift for all.


Gift #5:

ENHANCEd Body love by Sweet Sweat

This Coconut Workout Enhancer is a great buddy to have around when working out. It accelerates Warm-up and Recovery time, targets "slow to respond" Problem and injured areas, Promotes increase in circulation, sweating and motivation and it fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries.

Oh, and it smells COCO-licious!!! 


Gift #7:

Flashy & Hydrated Skin by Patchology

After a day at work and a sweaty workout sesh, this is one of the best and quickest ways to give back to your skin. This 5 minute Flashmasque sheet mask treats your skin with a much-needed surge of maximum moisture. This mask is ideal for some self love inspired moments!


Gift #9:

Happy feet by Happy Socks

Whether they are trying to look cute at the gym or while they wear a casual outfit, (yes most fitness junkies do own regular clothes) Happy socks are always so stylish and can make any outfit and trip to the gym a little more fun.

With a wide variety of socks and undies, choosing just one thing is nearly impossible!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 7.02.31 PM.png

I hope you enjoyed this list and to see these products in action, make sure to visit my Instagram as I will post how I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them! 

Happy Holidays!!



While some products are sponsored, all opinions remain my own.

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