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Working from home is hard AF! Motivation needs to be next level high, resisting the bed calling your name is no joke and ignoring the chores is seriously close to impossible, especially if you don’t have your own little space where you know that when you are there, you mean business!

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Until I figured this out, I would just plop my laptop on my lap and work while I sat on my bed under the covers and would barely get sh*t done. I decided then to build myself a home office, but like for real…a desk, a bookshelf, a mini stapler…you know, the necessities!

So I picked a corner in the master that was just a massive dead space and 💫voila! I built…I sat…I worked!

When thinking about the vibe I knew I wanted it to be very Zen and my ultimate goal was to create an environment where I would wake up everyday wanting to spend time at…mission accomplished.

My favorite highlights: Oil diffuser by Pilgrim | Crystal clusters sourced via various sources | Desktop Cactus by local florist

I also loved that my family invested as much love and effort in it as I did. A special thanks to my hubs for gifting me my desk and my son for helping me build the bookcase.

Create a life that you can’t wait to wake up to.

That quote inspired me to create an environment where I would want to spend time building a life I want to wake up for.

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Whether you work from home or just need a little corner to call your own, here are a few tips in building you very own Zen Den🧘🏻‍♀️:

✨Choose a dominant calming color palette (white, beige, earthy tones, pastels)

✨Add crystals and gems that purify and add energy to your space

✨Be minimalistic! Clutter feeds stress and anxiety

✨Fill your area with a pleasant and inspiring smell. ( I use an oil diffuser and during the day I use Eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Niaouli for respiratory ease as it encourages me to take deep breaths. Keeping healthy breathing patterns reduces stress and increases productivity)

✨Bonus Productivity tip: In a time where we do everything on our phones, take the time to keep a journal or a planner. Writing requires more effort than typing and so it makes you remember better. So whether you are writing down a memory or a to do, the likelihood of you remembering is higher than if you just type it on your phone and don’t get me started on “oh I’ll remember”.


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