Your new Facial Must- Gemstones

Have you ever heard of a Gemstone Facial? Neither had I until I met @dreliztratts and stepped into what I can only describe as THE ultimate #ZenDen. (P.s.: get ready to hear more and more about this as it’s taking social media and magazines by a storm)


When I visited Dr. Elizabeth I thought It would be an” in and out “ appointment where I would be getting a facial with gems (duh, wasn’t that the name of what I signed up for?) , but OMG, was I wrong! It was so much more than that.

Here’s a look into what my morning was like, but like, the very shortened version cause if I really go into detail, this would turn into a coffee date.


From the moment I stepped into her #ZenDen I was in love. I looked around and I saw tons of Crystals and Gems and Lillies, Oh my!

I walked toward the chair as she started chatting about the Lillies she had just cut and I couldn’t stop fangirling over all of her stones! So many pastel colors everywhere and you could clearly see this is not a career for her, but a lifestyle. That was when I fell in love! If her surroundings weren’t enough to amaze, her personality and caring demeanor had me wanting to put her in my pocket and take her home.

Her approach is simple and to the point, it’s all about Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women™. She began to dig deeper into my nutrition, where she gave me so many enlightening (and eye opening) advice, like the fact that I should stay away from soy at all costs! Like Tofu…which I just started to eat…and by eat I mean thoroughly indulge in!

She also made sure I understood that through many things I’ve taken for granted, the benefits of being young would not carry me through much longer and well, it’s time to start doing some work and investing even deeper in my “within”.

After a fun chat over THE most delicious Matcha, it was time to start the facial.

She had me lay on an Amethyst heated mat, which creates lymphatic drainage in the body and helps facilitate healing, reduce pain, improves immune function, reduces stress, improves skin and increases elimination by circulating lymph. As I laid there she placed me into a Crystal grid :(Aragonite on my feet, Amethyst on my side, Scolocite under my shoulders, and amethyst and rose quartz at the top of my shoulders) The purpose of this grid was to ground me, clean and filter.

On top of my body she placed Crystals to open my energy and chakras.

Once the stones were placed she began using cupping on my face, neck and chest to clear out lymph and when on my jaw she focused on my TMJ. Cupping is also used for lifting and sculpting the face.

As soon as she finished that she spoiled me with an organic face mask with botanicals to soften and brighten my skin and used a Rose quartz roller to help the mask penetrate into the skin.

At this point I felt like I was being spoiled more than getting a facial honestly, but what came next just blew me away…acupuncture! I had never and yet had always wanted to try it, but had never found the right person to trust, in comes Dr. Elizabeth.

Acupuncture helps stimulate collagen and elastin in the face, increases circulation and reduces wrinkles. If that wasn’t enough, it has a dramatic effect on the body where it calms you down so you can rejuvenate faster, this is the ultimate way of building beauty from the inside out.


To finish the treatment she went on with what I see as the perfect trifecta.  She perfectly placed gemstones around the acupuncture needles on my face,  indulged my skin with the lightest Ayuna body cream and sealed it off with 2 Swarovski ear seeds on my Shenmen ear points to induce a state of calm.


Photo Nov 06, 11 14 08 AM.jpg

When I tell you that it was nearly impossible to get off that mat, I reeeally reeally mean it.

Before leaving Dr. Elizabeth made sure to go over her notes and recommendations with me one more time and  I got to sip on that delicious Matcha one more time!

On my way out she handed me a goodie bag with 4 Ayuna products, a Rose quartz stone, a positive and negative charged gem stone and even had me pick out of her trick-or-treating Rose Quartz bowl of Palosanto wood.


Once I got in my car, I sat there thinking…that was not what I thought I signed up for…it was so much more! Not only did the treatment exceed my expectations, but her wisdom and her environment inspired me so much. I couldn’t wait to come home and tell the hubs about it and really digest everything in the comfort of my own little ZenDen

This is one experience I will always remember for so many reasons, and I really just had to share it with you guys.


If you are ever in Miami, take the time to experience it for yourself and make sure to follow Dr Elizabeth. Her social is full of wisdom and you can also celebrate with her on her latest feature on Allure Magazine! Yay!


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