Laser Hair Removal 101

Hands up if you....wait did you even shave your armpits to be able to put your hands up? <- THAT was a constant thought I had every time I wore a tank top, bikini, dress and quite frankly, that is no way to live!

About 1 year ago, I came across @reflections.wellness and went in for my first consultation on everything laser hair removal. I had so many questions like, will it hurt? Is it permanent? will it damage my skin? and as soon as I sat down and looked at that huge machine i got so super nervous. (So nervous that I sweat so much, it looked like police tape where a murdered body had been!) Thankfully, Janet Robbins made me feel relaxed, answered all my questions and made me feel like there was no other place I would rather have this done at.


So you want the low down...and somewhat PAIN-LESS...411 on laser hair removal?! Here's what you need to know:


What is the pre-process like?

  • You will need to shave your area of focus and make sure not to apply any lotion, oils or deodorant prior to your appointment.

  • Waxing is no longer allowed! When you wax you get rid of the hair bud, which the laser needs to see in order to destroy it.

  • Wear comfortable and easy to remove clothes for that area you will have lasered. (Especially if you are doing know....down there!)



What should I expect during the treatment?

  • Depending on the machine used, you will either feel just the laser working or you'll have super cold air blowing along the tip of the machine as the treatment is going on.

  • There will be a weird smell (lol) but that's the laser burning your little prickles away.

  • It is not pain free, but it is not painful either (and no i'm not pain tolerant at all, I used to load up on advil for waxes and would tear every time a strip would be pulled away my "dignity") the "pain" feels like little rubber bands snapping, but before you can feel the sting another one "snaps" and so by the end of it you don't even have the time to process.

  • Obviously certain areas are more sensitive than others, but they are all doable and honestly compared to waxing... I would choose to have another natural birth before having to see another waxing strip ever again!

I survived the session, now what?

  • Once the session is done, depending on the area, you'll return in about 4-6 weeks

  • Each session will get you closer and while some start seeing results after 2 treatments, most require at least 3-4 to see a noticeable difference.

  • Make sure to use SPF 30 (preferably with ZINC) in all the areas treated

  • Stay out of the sun for at least 24 hrs post session

  • Use aloe if redness of itchiness occur. (usually happens when you start, but then the skin gets used to it)

Anything else I should know?

YES! Do not bargain shop for this! Rather look for a facility that is licensed and has knowledge in what you are having done. I was very blessed to have paired up with Janet as she has been conducting treatments for a while and is even licensed to train others to handle the treatment as a technician themselves. Also, while hair growth is permanently different, remember your hair is affected by hormones, so there will be periods of growth where you might need a touch up here and there.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 12.14.08 AM.png

OK Nat, so what's the bottom line?

Simple! This will forever change your life...and I do not say that lightly, as a joke or with any exaggeration! Not having to worry about shaving for me was life changing as I have severe allergies to razors. My skin is extra dry so shaving was excruciatingly painful. Not only that, but I no longer require any "prep" time before putting on a bikini, a mini dress and as a fitness instructor, I no longer worry about dark and stubbly under arms and I slay at the beach without any thought about it. 

Here's what I had done:

-Underarms   -Brazilian  -Upper Lip  -"Unibrow" 

If you are in South Florida area, make sure to visit Reflection Laser & Wellness for all your laser and skin care needs.   |  2499 Glades Rd, Ste 303, Boca raton Fl  (561)221-1462