I finally got Hair extensions!


You can call me Pocahontas...because I finally got hair extensions! So let's recap:

A little over a year ago, I posted this and shared my struggle with my damaged and out of control falling hair. A few months after that, I got these extensions and let me tell you: Worst experience ever!

Long story short, the stylist that applied the extensions was sloppy in execution, made no effort to match the color of my hair, the extensions felt great for about a week, then even with the best shampoo/conditioner, it started to feel cheap and would not blend well with my hair at all, instead it clumped. Within the first week, three pieces fell off!! Wtf?! Bottom line: I will never set foot in that salon ever again as their product left me with "bald" spots and I attribute this to the sloppy application and  the quality of the extensions. They were also very dismissive while I was there and even more after the application.

Fast forward to today and I can finally say, I have officially put on extensions!!! Seriously, I will not even waste time comparing the two, because this brand stands on it's own.


Everyone meet Great Lengths, #greatlengthsusa meet everyone! They had me at "Demi Lovato uses Great Lengths" but their commitment to fair standards through 100% human hair, 100% traceability and the fact that their stylists go through hours of certification processes was the cherry on top. For a closer look, here's what I went through from beginning to end.


At my initial consultation with Marcelo at the gorgeous Avant Guarde salon in Coral Gables, FL, he explained the condition my hair was currently in, what he felt was the appropriate volume, length and color for the extensions and showed me the quality of hair and the bonds (which are made out of Keratin)


Day of Application:

I arrived at 5:30pm and after a few treatments of shampoo to strip my hair of oils and to prepare the hair for the bonding process, I was ready to start. The application process started at around 6:45pm and as Marcelo applied the single strands from the 5 bundles we talked and he was always going over the treatment process as well as the post application musts.


5 hours later... I was a new woman!

Post Application Care:

I was so surprised that the hair did not weigh down, but then again Marcelo (aka extensions Guru) is AH-mazing at what he does and so he distributed it perfectly so that it didn't. He also made sure to cut my hair so that the extensions blend well and are then unnoticeable. (You know what I mean because you've seen the horrible extension blends out there!) Because the quality is so great, I can continue with my sweaty fit lifestyle without it damaging the bonds/hair, I can swim and I can braid it! No like really braid it!!! I did invest in quality shampoo and conditioner to make sure that I am taking the proper care and I braid my hair to sleep to prevent tangles. The extensions, with proper care, should last about 4-5 months and so I will keep updating you on my Instagram.

My thoughts:

From my photos since, you'll notice I'm a lot more confident, more playful, more flirty and I LOVE IT! What you don't see, is the huge personality boost I felt the minute I left that salon. There's  a lot to be said about how confidence feels and it's different for everyone...so without any judgements...this hair was mine! I won't lie, I miss thoroughly brushing my hair as I am obsessive about it, but to avoid the bonds, I can't get deep into my scalp, but a small kink in the greater picture of...I am now POCAHONTAS!


Thank you Great Lengths, Marcelo and Avant Garde for making me feel the most confident I have in a long time. Since the damaged journey began I was so sad to see my hair the way it was and although this is not a forever thing, I will enjoy it to the fullest while my hair grows and restores within these extensions.